Chronic Pain

Psyche Health Queens for Chronic Pain

Having to go through a single day in constant pain can be detrimental to an individual's productivity. Now, some individuals go through such distress for a week or even longer. Chronic pain can be a devastating experience and can lead to sadness and mental depression. Chronic pain comes in different forms but has been medically categorized into two, such as neuropathic and nociceptive pain. The former arises from any direct damage done to the nervous system, while the latter is any damage that occurs on any part of the body. This damage is then relayed through the nervous system to the brain and is characterized by constant pain. Pain killers can help reduce the effect of the pain. Ketamine is also a very potent option that can quickly negate the severe effects of chronic pain. Our medical institution was established for situations like this, and we put in our very best to provide our patients with top-quality treatment and therapy.

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