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    Dr. V. Abayev
    Dr. Michelle Ilyayev
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    ABOUT Psyche Health Queens

    Psyche Health Queens offers psychiatric and psychological treatments of any nature under one roof. So whether you require holistic Psychotherapy, medicinal Psychiatry or both - our medical team has all your bases covered.

    You can connect with us in a secure and confidential virtual therapy session from the comfort of your own home or schedule an appointment at one of our Queens based offices. Emotional wellness awaits you with the dedicated Psyche Health team by your sides.

    We treat all health conditions from Anxiety, Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, Depression, Stress Management & much more. The most diverse group of mental health services, all available - at your fingertips. Schedule now.

    We Provide Subuxone & Medical Marijuana Consultations & Treatments Plans


    Our staff is experienced in all forms of Psychological assessments and therapy. We use proved methods of research and testing to individuals or groups.


    We work with adults, children and families to overcome any mental health or any other debilitating issue that is possibly effecting ones life.


    Our medical team will safely diagnose and treat any health condition altering ones basic functionality. Holistic, preventative and medicinal tactics are all administered.


    Dr. V. Abayev

    Board Certified

    Dr. Michelle Ilyayev


    Dr. Marie Crawford

    Board Certified

    Dr. Melissa Jones

    Board Certified

    Experienced Psychotherapy Center in Queens, NY

    Be in control of your mental health with our help. The mind is a challenging aspect of your being to navigate. We are uniquely built and have different solutions to what ails us upstairs. Nothing short of professional help is required to find a possible answer to mental distress. Now, you have the chance to get all the solutions you need with us. We are certified physicians with lots of highly experienced psychotherapists at our disposal. Our therapy sessions are gradual and insightful, plus we take accurate records of the discussions we have with our patients. Our sessions vary for different situations, and we have specialists available for various mental health problems. Never be deprived of your happiness and joy again, as we will give you the sufficient medical attention you deserve.

    Psychology & Mental Health Near You

    The brain is the most complex part of the human system, and for a good reason. Every action, thought, feeling, motive, activities are all constructed beforehand in the brain. This cluster of functions can sometimes take a toll on a human's state of mind. It can be difficult for an individual to de-clutter and process such information on his/her lonesome, especially if he/she goes through continuous mental breakdowns. The presence of a capable psychologist will get you started on your path to self-recovery. You have the chance to see an experienced psychologist in our medical institution. Our therapist schedules a series of one-on-one discussions with our patients. Everything discussed is strictly confidential and will only be used to guide you on your path to self-reflection and mental freedom. Our psychologists will help you simplify your mental complications to make you happier and mentally relieved. Please schedule an appointment with us today to get started.

    Psychiatry & Medicinal Mental Treatments in Queens

    Mental illnesses should never be left unattended. Victims of such circumstances can end up being a risk to other people and themselves. Statistically, one out of five Americans supposedly lives with a mental illness. More severe cases are significantly lower than the above statistic, but they are still dominant nonetheless. Anxiety disorders, mood disorders (such as bipolar disorder or depression), psychotic disorders (such as schizophrenia), personality disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorders are just a few of the more severe mental illnesses around. Each of these disorders has its different approaches, medications, and recovery periods. Don't ever think twice to seek appropriate medical attention if you sense your mental stability deteriorating. We have a well-equipped facility and certified psychiatrists to tackle any form of mental health issues. Our medical procedures are legal and very-effective towards helping you regain normalcy.


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